Ctrl Your Coil

This is the official page for Ctrl Your Coil from Coil & Ctrl.  Ctrl Your Coil is on TROVE Live Wednesday nights from 8pm-10pm EDT.

Ctrl Your Coil started after Samebito and a couple friends started YouTube’s first channel dedicated to both vaping and gaming. The show title is a pun off that channel’s name- Coil & Ctrl. Ctrl Your Coil is an extension of that channel, being a casual show with some giveaways, Q&A, and a bit of gaming chat as well. It’s a chat-driven show, where the viewers are talked to and actually involved, because that’s the beauty of the live stream format- it’s a two way conversation.

You can check out the Coil & Ctrl YouTube Channel===>here.

Visit their website===>here.

You can find Coil & Ctrl on Facebook===>here.

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